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The Band


From 2006 to 2009 the band was primarily focused on touring small clubs in north Italy, enhancing their skills and cohesion. During this period many original songs were born and after some months of work, the band recorded a Demo-cd titled Heavy Metal Lovers in February 2010, containing three original songs, showing classic hard rock/NWOBHM influences.
The demo had a small yet very positive reception and the band even won music-contests playing their first original tracks.

In September 2011 they sign a promotional deal with Eagle Booking Live Promotion.
In the next months they decide to record new songs, written shortly after their first demo and in 2012 they record a 25-minute long EP, Unchained, under the guidance of Carlo Meroni (ADSR Studios) confirming their affinity to the classic heavy metal current.
Their first official release works fine and will be positively reviewed by many webzines across Italy and Europe.
They gradually begin to play in front of bigger audiences, sharing the stage with acts like Highlord, Pino Scotto, Odd Dimension, Secret Sphere, Raising Fear, Doomraiser and swedish prog-metallers Seventh Wonder.

After Unchained, the first studio release, they record the single “Confutatis” in 2013 that will be released only in digital format. The band explores new musical territories, adding operatic backing-vocals, helped by classically trained vocalists, expanding the musical texture of their music.

From 2013 to 2015 they write new songs while constantly playing north Italian clubs.
The band shares the stage with legendary acts, such as all-female british icons Girlschool and follow NWOBHM pioneers Angel Witch during their successful 2015 tour’s Italian leg, playing at Circolo Colony (Brescia), Exenzia (Prato) and Traffic Club (Roma).

As for 2016, the band has currently finished the production of their first full-length album, containing 12 tracks, recorded and mixed In Italy at Aemme Recording Studios (Scott Russo, Vinnie Colaiuta…)
Mastering-sessions took place at Metropolis Studios in London (Led Zeppelin, Queen…)